You’re Supposed to be Scared!!

Kenny's Tip of the Day - You’re Supposed to be Scared!!

When we’re doing something creative. Whether we’re writing songs, producing a track or performing live for an audience, we’re going to be nervous. You’re going to be “Scared”. And that’s a good thing. We’re supposed to be scared. It’s scary putting yourself out there and allowing yourself to be judged on your work.

But that’s also the point. How can we push ourselves to do great work UNLESS we have a fear of failure? Unless we have something to lose?

The great ones are NOT as confident as you think. I promise. They are also scared. But the only difference between the people that pursue their dreams and the ones that avoid it at all costs is that they actually fight thru that feeling. Eventually either getting used to it or actually enjoying it. Almost addicted to it.

Like someone who walks on a tightrope. It’s not the walking on the wire that they love. It’s the possibility of falling off. Of failing. It’s a game of chance. And when they don’t fall, they win that game.

But none of this matters if we don’t play the game. Create something. Anything. Doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad. You need to create something, get feedback and grow from it. It’s unfortunately, the only way.

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I hope this message finds you well. Kenny Gioia