Tuning & Timing Software is NOT Talent Replacement!!!

Kenny's Tip of the Day - Tuning & Timing software solutions are NOT Talent Replacements.

These questions comes up a lot. Either people think these tools are Over-used and ruining music or they think it's Cheating. As if people are being fooled by the use of these software solutions.

These things are just Tools. Like EQ. Like Compression. They don't "fool" the listener. Not in a positive way. Not in a negative way.

I have personally Tuned hundreds of singers. I have personally adjusted the timing of hundreds of drummers. The conclusion I always come to is the same. The Singer and their "performance" is NOT Better. It's just more in Tune. The Drummer's "performance" is NOT better. It's more in Time.

While I'm not arguing that these tools won't benefit your productions, they do, I am arguing that it's ALWAYS better to start off with a more talented performer giving a stronger performance.

People are NOT that stupid. No one thinks a young female singer with Autotune is on par with Adele. No is fooled into believing that some local kid drummer sounds like Josh Freeze just because you fixed his timing. It doesn't work that way. And believe me, I wish it did.

So let's stop saying that these Tools have "ruined music" or that it's somehow "cheating". Just like compression or EQ, they are all meant to enhance the performance. But more importantly, don't think you can get away with decent singers and drummers or that they don't need to give you their best performance. They do. And you must not only know this, you must demand better.

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I hope this message finds you… Well… Kenny Gioia