The Beatles OR The Rolling Stones!!

Kenny’s Tip of the Day - The Beatles OR The Rolling Stones!!

This is less of a “tip” but more of an interesting observation that I feel is worth discussion while also teaching us something in the process. Now don’t be confused. This is NOT about which of these two bands is better. Or which one is the greatest of all time. That has been done to death. Not interested in that debate. We all know it’s the stones. JK.

This is about a theory that I’ve had for many many years that ALL or almost all rock and roll or even heavy rock (excluding the heaviest of metal and progressive) that was made after these two bands had their success, can be drawn back to only one of them.

In other words, if you can name a rock band after that period. A period I would argue was the defining moment for rock and roll, I can tell you which band they draw their roots from.

Allow me to give you a few obvious examples. Take a great band like Nirvana. And later with the Foo Fighters. Clearly they have their roots from The Beatles. It’s about the songs, the lyrics and the craftsmanship of their songwriting, which made them great. A strong example the opposite way would be The Black Crowes. While they also had great songs, their defining characteristic is their groove and overall sleazy rock and roll vibe. Not the lyrics or the songwriting. You may love The Black Crowes but you probably love their sound and vibe over their songs.

To give you a couple of less obvious examples, let’s take the Black Keys and the White Stripes or Jack White and his music. They both have very interesting vibe and groove but the Black Keys are all about the songs. You don’t even need all that great production to see how their songs drive their greatness. While Jack White and the White Stripes was all about the vibe. He doesn’t even need to write any songs (although his are great as well) and people would still enjoy his music if he just jammed for hours on end. He is or was about that sleazy vibe.

In the comments below, feel free to give me your opinion on the subject but what I would really prefer is for you to list a few of your favorite bands and tell me where you think they originate from. If you’re not sure, ask me what I think.

Up to this point, I think I’ve only found one band that falls somewhere in the middle. I would be fascinated if anyone can name that band or point me to others that fall into both categories equally as opposed to just one.

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I hope this message finds you well. Kenny Gioia