Kenny's Tip of the Day - Don't Start Your Mix with the Kick Drum!!!!

Kenny's Tip of the Day - Don't Start Your Mix with the Kick Drum!!!!

Mixing is an additive process. Everything affects everything else. You're not mixing in a vacuum or on an island. Because of this, you need to get your tracks to work well with each other. Not to sound great on their own. As much fun as that might be.

So I’m sure in the beginning (just like me) you started out getting a great Kick Drum sound. Then you moved on to the Snare and so on. Then at the end, you finally slapped on the vocal. And sometimes this works well. But very often, it’s NOT the best way to go.

Start your mixing process with the Vocals. Get that 90% of the way there before adding one other instrument. Then backtrack to make everything else sound great "around" the Vocal.

You can still spend many hours on the drums, the guitars and whatever else you prefer to agonize over. You can even put them in Solo. But at every step, bring in that vocal. See what it sounds like with the Kick, the Snare, the Bass and those Guitars. You might want to re-tweak. You might not. But you’ll always be considering those vocals so it will never be a shock when you bring them back in.

Nobody cares what the instruments sound like if they're not supporting the person singing the song. The vocal is the most important thing and everything needs to support it. Not the other way around.

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I hope this message finds you… Well… Kenny Gioia