Is the Future of Music - AI? (Artificial Intelligence)

Is the Future of Music - AI? (Artificial Intelligence)

Now hear me out. I’m certainly NOT saying that this is something that I want. But in my current obsession with AI, and it’s vast ability to replace many facets of industry (from self driving trucks to Amazon replacing all retail) I can’t ignore the things that can and probably will be able to be duplicated or replicated by computer algorithms. And we can already see it happening.

We already have software that makes it easy to replace any drum sound with a stellar replacement. That’s a forgone conclusion. If you can’t get a great drum sound, you’re not trying. They exist and they’re cheap or free.

What about parts? That’s also being done. Plenty of great synth presets that play an entire melody or arpeggio to build around by just hitting one key. Right now, that’s being done by humans but there’s no reason that it couldn’t be programmed to create itself.

What about songs? This might take a bit longer but imagine this: Take the top 1000 songs of the last 10 years and analyze every single kick, snare and drum feel and break it down to the 50 most common ones. Shouldn’t be that hard. Right? Now do the same with bass lines, guitar or piano parts. Common chords? We all know that chord patterns don’t vary very much in popular music. But even if we had 50 to choose from, still super easy for a computer. Right?

What about lyrics? This might be the easiest. Breaking 1000 songs down to 50 common song lyrics should be a piece of cake. What about singers and singing styles? Do we even need 50? Either way, this can easily (with the right algorithms) be compared and spit out with any modern day computer. Might take time to program and years to perfect but at some point, it can be analyzed and replicated.

Does this make for good music? Of course not. This sounds like a terrible idea but it’s going to happen. We hear it everyday. Check out the background music to any youtube video. There’s a whole bunch of copyright free songs that youtubers use and while they may have been made by humans now, you can’t tell me that they have to be. Or that many of the most popular genres are just rehashed from the group think of what people find “popular”.

And again, this is certainly NOT what I want to see happening. But it’s going to happen unless we figure out how to break out of this bubble of creating or re-creating the same music day after day, week after week and year after year. Now get off my lawn.

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