Is Drum Software Ready for Prime Time???

Kenny's Tip of the Day - Is Drum Software Really Ready for Prime Time???

For those that know me and the way that I produce, that answer has been a resounding NO for decades.

As a Drummer, I really love the nuances you get from a real person hitting those skins. It's not that drum software doesn't sound great. Of course it does. Much better than 95% of the engineers who want to record drums these days.

But can Drum Software really fool us into thinking that a real drummer is playing the kit? Or that we're hearing a real live performance. Not a bunch of MIDI notes triggering previously recorded samples? Even if they're multi-sampled at hundreds of velocities using sample switching and dynamic and random control. Can we really use this in the Final Production?

For years, I would use drum software in my demos. To get the track moving ahead and building the production around the drums. Sometimes I would even send these tracks to my publisher in the hopes of getting these songs cut on major records. But when the song was fully produced with the artist performances, I would ALWAYS hire a studio drummer to replace my programming.

It just sounded better, more real and I kind of enjoying hanging out with some incredible drummers that I didn't have to pay for. :)

But times are changing. As these software manufacturers are getting better and better and making these products, we're also getting better and better at programming them. And we're building the production around them so in the end. They do finally work AS IS.

And more and more, I'm finding myself using these things as the final rythm section in my productions. Even if the budget can afford a real player. I've even hired a few guys and kept the software for sections or even for most of the tune. Swapping back and forth depending on the section of the song.

Yeah. These times are a changin. And this old guy is starting to change with them.

To learn more, check out this fantastic New Product made by Groove3 author Luke Oswald.

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I hope this message finds you well.

Kenny Gioia