How to be Successful in this Business? Ask!!

Kenny’s Tip of the Day - How to be Successful in the Music Business? Ask!!

This generally applies to any business or any business model but since this is my field or the field I most understand, I’m basing it around Music and my career and experiences in the Music Business.

When I was first starting out, my goal was to work in a recording studio. I knew that was the goal and I set out to achieve it in a very simple yet direct way. I became good at recording. I had my own set up in my house and I pretty much recorded myself and my friends for as many hours as possible. It was pretty much ALL I did.

I developed the skill of this trade.  Of course, I wasn’t very good yet. But I didn’t know that. Once I had the confidence, I moved on to the next step of my plan. I figured out WHO needed my skillset. I searched out every recording studio within a commutable range and I did the most important part of my plan. I asked.

Basically, it’s a 4 step plan.

Step 1. Figure out WHAT you want to do. Could be with your entire life or career. Could also be for a shorter time as we can always change our goal. But stop and think about WHAT you want.

Step 2. LEARN the skills involved in doing this thing. Whether it be writing songs, recording them, producing them, mixing them or just mastering them. You could be a studio guitar player or drummer. Maybe create sound for video games or write soundtracks for motion pictures. Doesn’t matter what you choose. LEARN the skills involved with this venture.

Step 3. Figure out WHO needs or requires this skill. Someone who can benefit from what you know. In my case, early on it was a Recording Studio. Later on it became Publishing companies, Record Companies, Investors, Software Companies. It doesn’t really matter who it applies to. Someone needs your skills. Figure out who they are.

Step 4. ASK. This is really the most important part and it’s where most people get tripped up. Maybe it’s self confidence. Fear of being told NO. Whatever it is that is stopping you, you most ignore that fear and simply ask. “Does company X need someone to do what I do? Do I help them achieve their goals? Because if so, I would love to do this for company X”.

Sounds simple. Right? Well. Of course not. Proving that you have the skill is important. Every publishing company would love to have a great songwriter. Have you proven yourself to have that skill?

That’s where the years of preparation come in. Nobody succeeds in this (or any) business right away. You will be pounded over the head with “NOs” for quite a while at first. And maybe even a bunch later. But it’s important every once in awhile to re-evaluate. Is this what you want to be doing? Do you have the skills to be doing something better?

If so, apply my 4 step plan. Make sure you’re talented in the chosen field. Make sure it’s what you love. Figure out where you can be an asset with those skills and do yourself the biggest favor of all. ASK!!

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I hope this message finds you well. Kenny Gioia