Find a Partner!!!!

Kenny's Tip of the Day - Find a Partner!!!!

One of the most asked questions I receive is how to get more gigs as a Producer or Mixer. The best answer I can offer is to "Find a Partner".

Why? Well. Clearly you're lacking something or you wouldn't be asking this question. Right?

There are two main types of people in this field. Hustlers. Which are people who can sell ice to eskimos and convince anyone to let them produce and mix their record. Then we have the Workers. People who can get the job done but don't have the social skills to reach out to the right people to get that gig.

Sometimes, you find a person that has a bit of both. And this person doesn't NEED a partner. But that is a bit rare. And since you're not this person, let's go back to the idea of getting a partner.

Now this can be scary at first. Suddenly you're making 50% of what you were making before. True. But what if you could make 10X as much, have 5X as many gigs and get them done 3X as fast? Would 50% matter?

It didn't for me. My partner was amazing at talking to people. I don't just mean to people he had a relationship with. I mean calling the president of the label and convincing them to let us produce their next artist. Or doing the same with other top artists directly. He was also a prolific songwriter.

But what he wasn't was an engineer. Couldn't record or even try to mix. But he could get these gigs. So he needed me to back up his promises and I needed him to get those promises to fulfill.

And of course, every partnership is different. But it's important that you can find someone that you trust (you don't want to constantly be double checking everything they do) and that you both have the same goals. You can see where each of you excels and where each of you has deficits. And you both can admit these things and assign tasks based on them.

But in the end, a partner will inspire you. Help shape what you're working on and be an outside voice when you're struggling with something and you've lost all perspective. You will get more done. The work will be better and more thoroughly thought out and you will both be rooting for the same successes.

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I hope this message finds you well. Kenny Gioia