Excite Your Drums!!

Kenny's Tip of the Day - Excite Your Drums!!!

Do your Drums sound dull and lifeless? Here's a great way to wake them up and make them a bit brighter while also controlling that top end in the process.

Excite them!! Bus all of your drums to another track and name it "Drum Exciter". High Pass that track around 300 - 400Hz and boost the top end. Somewhere around 10-12kHz. You can also cut some mids at around 1kHz if you like that more hollow sound.

Now compress this track a lot using a very fast attack and and a very fast release. Make this pump as much as possible. Use your most aggressive compressor. Don't worry about making this sound "natural". It's not supposed to.

Now slowly mix this back in with the original drum tracks and listen to your drums wake up. The top end sounds crystal clear and beautiful but it's completely controlled as the cymbals will not be jumping out uncontrollably. They'll be compressed.

Getting this balance perfectly with your original drums will be the difference between a really good drum sound and an amazing one.

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I hope this message finds you well. Kenny Gioia