Don’t Show Your Cards!!

Kenny's Tip of the Day - Don’t Show Your Cards!!

There’s a story here that I will never forget. Years ago my partner and I were working with a girl group. They had a young manager who was a bit high energy (to put it nicely) and I still remember taking the girls to the record company to see if we could land them a record deal.

While riding in the elevator, this person turned to us and told us that we better not screw (he used a harsher word) him over in the deal or he would kick our butts (again using tougher verbiage). Up to this point, everything had been going very smoothly. But for some reason, he felt the need to try and threaten us. Even mentioning getting physical. Why?

Who knows if this was a power move or whatever he thought but it was the opposite of what he wanted. What he told us instead is that we needed to get rid of him as soon as possible. That this wasn’t someone that we wanted to work with. He was clearly paranoid and a bit of a loose cannon.

But the worst part of all is that he felt the need to tell us in that moment. No issue had come up where it was necessary. He offered information that wasn’t needed. And we now knew him in a way that we didn’t need to. He showed us his cards.

Now I understand that everyone has had bad situations in the past. Someone screws you over or takes advantage of you. But you can’t bring that with you into new relationships. Telling your future clients that you view them as bad people until THEY prove otherwise is letting them know that you’re damaged goods. That you are someone to be careful around. And no one wants to start a creative relationship with someone like that.

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I hope this message finds you well. Kenny Gioia