Create, Don't Just Manipulate!!!!

Kenny's Tip of the Day - Create, Don't Just Manipulate!!!!

I know it's exciting to think about all of the tools we have. It's incredible what we can do with sound.

But… None of it matters if we don't "Create" something first. And all too often we tend to lose focus on the importance of "Creating" something and focus on doing something with it later.

What we create is what people are enjoying. It's what inspires them. It's what moves them. To cry, to laugh, to dance. No one is inspired by a vocal that is better in tune. Or a snare drum that has just the right sizzle.

Now I'm not saying that none of this matters. Everything matters. But what matters most is "WHAT" you're recording. Not "HOW" you captured it or how you "Manipulated" it once it was captured. That's for Nerds or Knob Turners like us.

But the audience doesn't care. They want ideas. They want bold instrumentation or a unique sound. A great voice. Not an EQ setting that brings out the lower mid-range. Or the perfect attack setting on the latest compressor.

So consider this in your voyage. What are you creating? What are you adding to the conversation? What moves you and what can you do to inspire others thru your music?

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I hope this message finds you… Well - Kenny Gioia