Be The Person People WANT To Work With!!!

Be The Person People WANT To Work With!!!

This may be my most obvious “Tip of the Day” to date. To the point where many of you are saying “Why is Kenny even writing this?” Unfortunately, it’s because many of us still NEED to learn and understand it. For many people, it’s not as obvious as you may think.

Let’s be honest. Many of us who started out as musicians, also had a pretty big ego. It takes a nice healthy dose of confidence to get on a stage, play music that you wrote and expect others to admire you for it. Or at least like what you’re doing.

Many of us started out as musicians and have moved over to becoming record producers, engineers and mixers. And we’ve taken that ego with us. Which, is also necessary for this profession. You can’t convince other artists to let you produce them unless you think you’re pretty good at it. Right? Of course.

But we can’t take this too far. I’ve seen it all too often where the producer needs to convince the artist that they are above them. More talented or more important to the process. That THEY are the star and that the artist is lucky to have THEM.

And to be even more honest, I have seen this with very successful producers and mixers as well. So some people may think this behavior works. That they too should emulate it. I disagree strongly with that idea.

Producers who feel that they are better than their artists and are still successful, are successful DESPITE their behavior. In other words, people are willing to “put up with them” because they think it’s worth it to them and their career.

But I’ve also noticed, people that are nowhere near as talented, still become successful because they’re a joy to work with. Artists want to work with them. Even if they’re not the best in their field.

Nobody wants to work with a jerk. Some will. But nobody does it by choice. And as soon as someone new comes along that can produce or mix as well as you do. Or even “almost” as good as you do, they’ll be heading to the exits. Because you were not someone they really wanted to spend time with. You were a gatekeeper that kept the label or your management happy. Don’t be that guy.

Life is short. Making music is hard. It takes many many long hours in the studio. And nobody wants to go through this difficult process, and even pay for this process, to work with someone who doesn’t nurture THEIR talent.

So find a middle ground. Be confident in your ability but don’t let it take away from the talents of your artists. Be someone that people want to work with for your talent and ALSO because you’re a pretty cool dude (or dudette) to hang out with.

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I hope this message finds you well. Kenny Gioia