Kenny's Tip of the Day - Always Get Better!!!

Kenny's Tip of the Day - Always Get Better!!!

I have a strong belief about success in the music business and I would bet that this is true in any career you choose. You’re either “getting better” or you’re “getting worse”. In other words, there is and should be no state of “I already know what I’m doing and I don’t need to learn anymore”.

That’s not (and it shouldn’t be) a thing. You’re either driving or you’re going to get run over sitting out in the middle of the road.

Why do I say this? For many reasons, obviously. The goal is not to get to the finish line. To learn the craft and simply sit back and keep doing it like some AI robot that’s been programmed to repeatedly perform said task. Not only is that boring for a creative type like you (you are creative?) but it misses the point. Completely.

Music is a liquid and it’s constantly evolving. What worked yesterday, probably won’t work today or tomorrow. I know this (and you might too) as I’ve had hundreds of experiences where I said “this compressor sounds amazing on Bass” and the next project it simply didn’t. In fact, that compressor never sounded good on Bass again. Ever.

That’s what you start to learn. You’re always chasing things that work and in the end you realize that what really works is YOU. Your ability to figure out what works in each and every situation. There is no magic formula. You need to make it happen. And that, unfortunately, requires work. Putting in the work and mastering the craft that you, so thoughtfully, decided to pursue.

So put on your big boy (or girl) pants today and get to work. Get better, everyday.

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