Your Peers Are NOT Your Audience!!!

Kenny's Tip of the Day - Your Peers Are NOT Your Audience!!!

Just like the title suggests, many of us in this field talk to peers about many things. What EQ to use where. What compressor sounds best on what source. etc.

But there is one area where they should be almost meaningless to us. And that's when it comes to the music we create. They don't matter.

First. If you're making music as a creative expression for yourself, then nobody really matters. You're making music for you. But if you're creating with the hopes of gaining an audience and having them enjoy your songs, ignore your peers.

Who cares what another Producer, Engineer, Mixer or even a Songwriter thinks about your music. You're NOT making it for Them. And they’re not judging you or your music as a fan. They’re judging you as a rival.

One of my favorite producers use to purposely ignore critics or other people working in his field after a record came out. He wanted to know what the public thought. So he would create his own focus groups full of working people that were in a completely different field. People who purchased and enjoyed music. That's all he cared about and that's who he was making music for.

A while back I talked about "Crabs in a Bucket". Well that's a very real thing. Your peers may not be willing to support you and what's worse, they may WANT to see you fail.

Once again, these people are NOT your audience. So above all. Create. Create until you can't create anymore. And don't let anyone in this field tell you that it's not good.

They have no idea. Nobody does. Every great record was passed on by somebody. Ignore the noise and create.

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I hope this message finds you well. Kenny Gioia