You Don’t Need To Buy ANY 3rd Party Plugins!!!!

Kenny's Tip of the Day - You Don’t Need To Buy ANY 3rd Party Plugins!!!!

That’s right. Someone finally came out and said it. You don’t need to spend ANY money on fancy third-party plugins. The stock plugins that came with your DAW are just as good. That’s right. You’re wasting money if you buy anything and use anything besides the plugins that came with your state of the art DAW. Yes. It’s true.

Some people will disagree. Usually people do. But I've been producing and mixing records for 3 decades and after thorough scientific research I can tell you that you're honestly wasting your money. They don't sound any better. They all sound the same. Seriously. It's just ones and zeros. 

Pssst. Hey you. Yeah you. I’m kidding. But I wanted to take this time to thank you brave soul for taking the time to read past the title, the pretty picture and even past the first paragraph. You. My friend. Are the chosen ones. :)

OK. Seriously. Many great plugins out there and you should try them all and definitely buy what you think makes your productions and mixes better. So many great choices available. I’m just having a little fun and poking the bear on this Friday morning.

So now that I got you here. Please share with me your favorite third party plugins and why they have taken your craft to a whole new level. I await your response and I thank you for your time.

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Enjoy your weekend. Kenny Gioia.