Why Do We Need More Than One EQ or Compressor Plugin????

Why Do We Need More Than One EQ or Compressor Plugin????

You read that right. It’s 2018. Why are we still using more than one EQ or Compressor plugin to adjust our music?

We’re almost a half century away from any of these hardware options being available. Most people buying these tools have never even used the real thing to know that the emulation is correct or even useful. Why do we keep doing it?

We’re trying to control our dynamics with a very specific tool. We’re trying to adjust the tone with very specific tools. Why would we need more than one?

Yeah. I get it. Back in the day each company would try different ways of doing it and one box can only be so versatile. So we had many different boxes all trying to do the same things with varying degrees as to how successful they were.

But now we’re trying to emulate all of those attempts in the digital world. It’s infinite. How does this make any sense?

I’m typing on a computer right now into a word processor program. Years ago, we had typewriters to do the very same thing. And they too were analog and made by dozens of different companies. But we agreed that emulating each one of them was kinda pointless. Just make one that works and use that one. Right?

So why are we still doing this? And no. Don’t tell me about color or distortion. We have plugins that can already do that. EQ is a very specific thing. Compression is a very specific thing. Color and distortion were never features. They were bugs. They were unfortunate nastiness that came from imperfect designs. And if you want that, you don’t need that mixed with your EQ and Compression. You can choose a specific plugin just to wreck your pristine sound. Which is another article in and of itself.

So I ask again. Why do we need more than one EQ or Compressor plugin????

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I hope this message finds you well. Kenny Gioia