Where Are All The Women????

Where Are All The Women????

OK. I’m going to do my best here to avoid being sexist. Yes. I do feel that women are better producers than men. There. I said it. But why am I saying this? This is the part that people get angry about but “in general” women and men are very different. It is my belief that men “in general” are better at doing technical tasks. Or at least we prefer to do them. Which is why “most” recording engineers are men.

This was not a decision. It’s just the way it plays out. And judging from the way my girlfriends have reacted over the last 30+ years sitting in my studio on the couch watching me spend 45 minutes on a single phrase, that’s not going to change. They just don’t like the tedious process of working on a snare sound for 6 hours. For some insane reason, we do.

But my strong belief is that our differences make women better record producers. Because they think very differently. Much more emotional “in general” and much less technical. Which is what music is supposed to be. Emotional.

Which is why, many of us have been able to get great advice when we play that mix back in our girlfriend’s car. She’s not listening to that kick sample you wasted 4 hours on. She’s listening to how the whole thing “feels”. What emotional response does it give the listener. Or her.

And as team, of a recording engineer and a record producer, I would think this would be a match made in heaven. As producers, we all try to lose that technical side of our brain and just listen. Like our audience will.

I would argue that women are better suited for this role. So where are all the women?

Unfortunately, the road to becoming a record producer, seems to have come from starting out as a recording engineer. You paid your dues as an assistant, moved on to engineer and eventually producer. Which is a shame. There’s no real reason it has to be that way. And luckily, that is changing. Fast.

As more artists are recording themselves, more female artists are realizing that they too must learn how to record themselves. And produce themselves.

And hopefully this trend will continue and eventually, most record producers will be women. The way it was meant to be. I’m kidding. Or am I?

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Thank you. Kenny Gioia