It's All About the Midrange!!!!

Kenny's Tip of the Day - It's All About the Midrange!!!!

This is something I learned many many years ago and it's improved my mixes greatly and has only improved over time. Nothing is more important than the mid-range.

Think about the most important instruments in a mix. Vocals, Snare, Guitars, Piano etc. What do they ALL have in common? They are all centered in the mid-range area of the frequency spectrum. And more importantly, this is where they all FIGHT to be heard.

You don't usually need to struggle to hear the bass guitar or the hi hat or even the shaker, but the vocals always fight against the guitars, the piano and your snare drum. They all sit in the same or similar place.

This is why I argue for mixing with monitors like the Yamaha NS-10s or checking things on Auratones or Mixcubes. They focus greatly on this area and this is where we should be focusing for most of the mix. If we can get this right, we’ve tackled 90% of it.

Almost every speaker is going to vary in top end. Some being brighter and some being a bit warmer. They all vary in the low end. Some being extended with a sub and others having no low end at all. But they all have mid-range. So if you can get this right, it will translate on every playback device available. Which is why the Yamaha speakers are famous for having that ability and why they sit on the monitor bridge in every major studio over the last few decades.

After you nail the mid-range, then you can worry about the lesser things like ride cymbal and that bass guitar. :)

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I hope this message finds you well. Kenny Gioia