STOP High Passing Everything!!!!!

Kenny's Tip of the Day - STOP High Passing Everything!!!!!

More and more I'm reading about beginning mixers and how they High Pass Everything except for the Bass and Kick Drum. And many of them are doing that as well. Ugh.

You're killing your mixes. High Pass Filters (EQs that roll off the low end) do serve a purpose. But they need to be used sparingly. This idea that the Kick and Bass won't be heard or won't be clear or focused unless they are the only tracks with Low End is utter nonsense.

Music is messy. Lots of things have Low End and they should. It adds body to an Acoustic Guitar. Weight to Electric Guitars and it makes the Overhead mics on your Drums sound bigger.

Stop making everything so small just to make room for certain other instruments. Not everything needs to be carved out and placed in it's own space. Many times it's OK if everyone is sharing the same space. If they actually fight. Mixing is the idea of "blending" elements. Not putting each of them in their own isolated box.

Please. I implore you. Your music begs you. Your tracks plead with you to stop going for that High Pass Filter on each and every track. It's not needed and it's making you create thinner mixes.

Also, check out some of my Mixing Tutorials that tackle the subject in greater detail at

I hope this message finds you… Well - Kenny Gioia