Should I Go To Recording School???

Kenny’s Tip of the Day - Should I Go To Recording School???

One of the questions I get asked the most is “Should I Go To Recording School??” And this is a tough question for me for many reasons. One, I’m sure there are a lot of great teachers out there that do inspire their students to do this for a living. To make a career out of it. So I really don’t like telling people NOT to do something that may help them. Or that these educators are not doing their jobs. I’m sure most of them are.

I also know a lot of people who have gone to recording school (kenny raises his hand) and had good experiences with it. So I know this will be a controversial topic.

But controversial or not, my goal with these Tips is NOT to give you every side to the story. Everyone will have a different opinion on this. My mission is to give you MY opinion. An experienced opinion if I can be so Bold.

My feeling is that you don’t need to go to recording school to be a professional in music. I think many parents are sold on this idea because it makes the choice of doing this for a living, seem more practical. No parent ever tells their kid that they can’t be a lawyer or a doctor but telling your parents you want to make music for a living is a much tougher sell. They probably don’t want you living in the basement well into your 30s.

But if you show them a college that costs 30k + per semester, suddenly it seems more “real” to them. More professional. After all, if it was a scam, no one would go to these colleges. Right? They would be out of business.

I certainly wouldn’t call these schools a scam. I do feel that they make a more complicated or robust curriculum to justify their exorbitant tuition fee. No one takes a college seriously if it’s really cheap. So they balloon the course options to justify the expense. Whether you need such a comprehensive course or not.

The people who have told me that they enjoyed school mostly said so because they made friends in the music community. And networking is important. Right?

Yes. Of course. But why would you pay to make connections when musicians and music professionals are everywhere you look. They don’t need to put themselves behind a paywall. Just get better at networking. You know? Talking to people.

I know. It’s easier said than done but you really need to look at what this profession is. It’s NOT the kind of thing where you can walk into a big building run by a big company and get hired. And they wouldn’t care if or where you went to school if that did exist.

This professession (songwriter, musician, engineer, producer, mixer) is built around you being a self starter. An entrepreneur, You are your business. No school or diploma is required. Your clients won’t care either. You need to learn how to talk to people eventually and college doesn’t teach this to you.

What does matter is Experience. And the best way to get that experience is to do it. 2 or 4 years of college will put you 2 or 4 years behind anyone else that graduated from high school and just started pursuing their career. Creating relationships and knowing what you’re doing when opportunities present themselves.

There are plenty of learning avenues available to you at any point. Whether you’re still in high school or whether you’re 50 and have decided on a new career path. There are endless tutorials and books available to you and you can decide how much you need to learn and when.

Putting off the inevitable is just your mind resisting the hard part. Talking to people and getting them to trust you to help them create their music. It’s unavoidable. So why not do it now?

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I hope this message finds you well. Thanks.