Kenny's Tip of the Day - The Race to the Bottom!!

Kenny's Tip of the Day - The Race to the Bottom!!

There’s a growing trend in “gear talk” these days that it doesn’t matter what gear you buy. It all pretty much sounds the same. That spending thousands on mic preamps or A/D converters is a waste of money. That any $100 interface will be “good enough” and that everyone selling you anything “better” is snake oil or advertising B.S.

Now, I’m not going to delve into what’s true or not in this article. We all know what a heated subject this is. Instead, I want to talk about the dangerous direction that this heads us all in. The race to the bottom.

Let me give you an example. Even if we agree that you don’t need a high end 1k mic preamp and a 10k Neumann U47 tube microphone, where does it end? What about that nice guitar you bought? Is it $1200 Fender Strat or a $125 Squire? A real Gibson Les Paul or an Epiphone?

Does it matter? What about your speakers? Do you need a pair of $1500 near field monitors or can you get by with a $100 pair. Or maybe just some cheap headphones or ear buds?

The point of this is not to say that you need the best of everything. Even if I feel that those things do help in many ways. Both from a sound perspective but also from a durability standard. Professionals use professional equipment for a reason.

And this is all leaving aside the idea that your clients will take you more seriously if you have serious equipment in your studio. Things that they can’t buy themselves. Sure. You can cut some corners but should you cut ALL the corners. And that is the question. If you continue down this path of a race to the bottom, I believe that is where you will be. At the bottom.

To be clear, there’s nothing more important than the music we make and you can’t put a price on creativity. Which is why I do spend money on things that allow me to be more creative. To create a space that inspires. And that has paid off. At least for me.

So please, consider this idea in your own situation. Do you constantly find ways to work cheaper. Does saving dimes stop you from making dollars? Are you racing to the bottom when you could be worrying about this stuff less and simply make some great music that inspires you and others?

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I hope this message finds you well. Kenny Gioia