Pop Music vs Art!!!!

Kenny's Discussion of the Day - Pop Music vs Art!!!!

I thought this would be an interesting topic of discussion as Pop music tends to get a bad rap. Especially from musicians who take their music seriously. So I thought about this more and more and came up with something I thought was very interesting. At least worth a discussion.

Pop music, unlike any other type of music is not made from within. If I’m writing or creating a pop song, I’m not creating something that I feel that “I” need to express. I’m trying to tap into something that “you” want to express. Or more specifically, a message that “you” want to hear. I’m not doing it for me. I’m doing it for you. So you can like it and enjoy it.

So in that way, it’s meant to be a shared experience. And also, it tends to be enjoyed by many more people because that was it’s design. A Bad pop song is one that the public didn’t like. So it was created for no one and the target was completely missed. So one could argue that a bad pop song has no real value.

In this way, Pop music is very much like Porn. Porn isn’t created for the author. It’s created for the viewer. And all of the varied types of porn are created for one and only one reason. Because someone likes that type of porn. It’s completely about you. Not the author and what the author likes or wants to see expressed.

But in every other type of music, the art is created for the Artist. To express themselves in a way that they want. They don’t care what you think. They may want you to like their art, as that may help them create more of it, but the motivating factor is NOT for you to like it. That’s not the design.

The point is to express what they want to express. Put it out there and see what the world thinks. But it’s never about the audience deciding what the art is or should be. Although people can still interpret it for their own needs. The art is the authors. You can enjoy it. You can appreciate it. But what you think should be changed about it has no power in this arena. That’s on you. You can take it or leave it but the art stands alone.

Please share your thoughts on this topic as I’d love to hear what you think.

Thanks. Kenny Gioia