As a Mixer - Only Accept WAV Files!!

Kenny's Tip of the Day - As a Mixer - Only Accept WAV Files

Want to learn how to Mix quicker? Only accept WAV files.

As a Mixer, I have a policy that I only accept WAV files. I started this because I noticed that I much preferred mixing tracks when the client wasn’t using the same DAW that I was using. Less to think about and less to go wrong.

Previously, I had many clients send me huge Pro Tools sessions with tons of automation, plugins and bussing and it would take me a full day (or more) just to sort through all of that.

But my clients using other DAWs like Logic or Studio One made it so much easier. They had to consolidate their tracks and send me just audio files. It was like mixing from 2" tape. Everything printed.

Now I only accept WAVs and I don't even tell the client what DAW I'll be mixing on. This way they take the time to send me exactly what I need. Print the FX. Print the virtual instruments. Everything to separate audio files. Re-label everything. And all I see are the audio files themself. I never see or have to weave my way through a complicated project file again.

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I hope this message finds you well. Kenny Gioia