One Artist or Song is NOT your career!!

Kenny’s Tip of the Day - One Artist or Song is NOT your career!!

One artist or one song is NOT your career. You need to think in terms of quality, but also in terms of quantity. The latter prepares you for a future in this business.

Holding onto one jewel or diamond in the rough is not the key to success. Especially not in the music business. The key to success in this business is to have many successes that build upon each other. And you can’t get “precious” about any one of them. They’re NOT your children.

As a songwriter, I have seen many other songwriters get too attached to one song. Whether it be to spend years on finishing it or to fight to the death as to who records it and where it gets released or licensed. This may be the best thing for THAT song but it’s not the best approach for you. As a professional.

As a producer, I’ve seen many production or management teams spend too much time developing and nurturing one artist, only to be cut out of the picture by other greedy people or even by the artist themself simply changing their mind. Going in another direction. Without you.

The truth is that this is all normal. You can spend thousands of dollars in court, protecting your investments or you can give them their proper place in your mind. Or your business. As just ONE part of what you do. No artist or song is essential.

If you write a hundred great songs, does it matter if artist X doesn’t want to record one of them? That one company doesn’t want to use it for their movie, tv show or commercial?

If you develop a dozen artists and sign them to your production company, does it matter if every one of them gets a record deal? Becomes a star? Becomes a huge success?

No. Work in volume. Think in volume. You still want to keep quality in mind but you must think in bigger numbers so when things don’t work out (and in this business, 99% of them don’t) you and your business can survive.

You can’t get emotional about every business decision. You can’t control everything and when you get up to the plate and the umpire tells you that you have dozens of strikes before you’re out, you won’t feel bad about swinging for the fences. There’s always another pitch coming. Swing away!!

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I hope this message finds you well. Kenny Gioia