Long vs Short Term Thinking!!!

Kenny’s Tip of the Day - Long vs Short Term Thinking!!!

Years ago I was scouting a band I wanted to produce. They were in the process of getting a record deal and we were talking about making the record with them.

In the process of our sales pitch, we mention the studio we wanted to use as it would be perfect for their sound. The lead singer stops me and says "We're never recording at XXXX Studios again". What?

Turned out, they had spent about $1500 at that studio when they were much younger and when it came time to get a copy of their final mix, they were short on the $5 for each cassette that each band member wanted. (I know. It was a long time ago)

The owner wouldn't give them a copy of their mix without that $5. This decision ended up costing this studio around 30k as we were forced to record this record somewhere else. At a different studio that was the first studio’s competition.

That was what is known as “short term” thinking. Meaning, making quick money now and losing big money it in the future. I call it jumping over dollars to collect pennies.

Another great example of this is working with clients that have the money (vanity projects) without considering your long term goals. Working with clients who can pay but just don’t have much or any talent.

These clients get you nowhere. They pay your bills now, but they cost you something in the future. You can’t show off these recording and you won’t get future work based on them.

You need to invest in that future by giving up some of these “short term” wins now and consider where you want to be in the future. And the best path to get there.

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I hope this message finds you well. Kenny Gioia