Less Drums = Big Sound - More Drums = Small Sound

Less Drums = Big Sound - More Drums = Small Sound

One of the hardest things to record is a Drum Kit. And what makes this job even harder is a BIG drum set. Harder still with a HUGE one. More microphones means more phase cancellation, smear and less focus.

This is the reason Studio Drummers use a very small kit. 4 pieces at most. Having to mic up 14 drums with 20 or more mics is not just hard, it will also rarely sound very good. Too many microphones picking up leakage that is not only un-needed but it will only serve to make the Kit sound mushy, phasey and without a center. Smaller.

Please. For your sake and more importantly, for the sake of your audience, use LESS drums. Ask your drummers to use LESS drums. Less Cymbals too. Simplify the part and the drums that matter - your Kick and Snare will sound HUGE!!!

Also, play around with using less Mics. The Less Mics the better too. I once recorded a song using just one mic and it's still one of my favorite recordings.

Learn more about Recording Drums at https://www.groove3.com/recording-training-video-tutorials/tracking-rock-drums

Thank you. Kenny Gioia