Learn to Appreciate ALL Types of Music!!

Kenny's Tip of the Day - Learn to Appreciate ALL Types of Music

As kids, we tend to find one type of music that really moves us. Whether it be Hip Hop, Rap or even Jazz or Metal. We gravitate towards this style and later in life we may even specialize in Producing, Engineering and Mixing just this style of music. And it's great to specialize. Don't get me wrong.

But I believe it's also important to "appreciate" other successful music. Whether it be Pop. Country. Whatever.

Study it. Why is it good? Why does it move other people even if it doesn't move you?

If it's a style of music that has ANY kind of a fanbase then it does serve a purpose. Maybe not for you. But you can still learn why and possibly apply it to your music and your style or genre. Maybe combine styles. Or just a piece of Hip Hop added to your Metal track.

It's important that you learn to appreciate all types of music to broaden your experience but more importantly to understand what moves an audience. You'll find that it's not really that different from genre to genre. There will be certain things that remain the same. Most genres have a Snare drum that plays on the 2 and 4 for example.

So change it up once in awhile. Think different. Learn something while figuring out how to appreciate ALL types of music.

You can learn more by watching my videos at www.groove3.com