If It’s NOT The Gear, Why Do Professionals Always Use The Best???

If It’s NOT The Gear, Why Do Professionals Always Use The Best???

I think it's a very fair question to ask. If the gear doesn't matter, why do the professionals use or buy better gear?

For me, it's because I want it and can afford it. It does make my job easier and more fun. To use a race car driver analogy, the best driver in the world will beat any of us in a race using a Honda Civic. His or her driving skills outweigh any car they drive. Even with the fastest race car, we don’t stand a chance

The same with a tennis star having the best racket or a pro golfer with the best clubs. They can beat any of us with sports equipment purchased at Walmart. But those tiny advancements matter to them (and to me) because we're always looking for ways to improve our craft and our results.

Can I make a great record with a $100 interface? I'm sure I could. Could I beat most producers using the best gear in the world? Yes. I'm sure I could. But as a professional and a perfectionist, I want every little bit of advantage I can find. And because my skill set can only improve in small barely noticeable increments, we look for outside tools to give us that edge. Whether it’s real or perceived.

I still remember my production partner teasing me every time I told him I was buying a new plugin or outboard mic preamp. He wasn’t just being cheap. He had a point. He would say “What difference does it make? It’s still going to sound like a “Kenny” record!!!”

Yes. It probably will.

But the most important message in all of this is that you should never let a lack of gear decide what and if you will create. You should always be making records if that’s what you want to do.

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Enjoy your weekend. Kenny Gioia.