I Am NOT Your Competition!!!

Kenny’s Tip of the Day - I Am NOT Your Competition!!!

One of the things I’ve seen very often in  audio forums and facebook groups is this notion that we’re all competing for the same jobs. Or that the industry is finite and there are only so many clients to get.

I’ve seen quite a few complaints about what our “peers” are doing. Promoting their careers, their awards or any accomplishments that they may or may not have. As if, by diminishing them, you will somehow get their clients. Or more true to form, that they are stealing people that would be recording with you.

Just running the numbers, this is wrong and quite silly. The amount of musicians and potential clients on this planet is infinite. And there’s no reason for us to view each other as competition. It’s not a sport. Not even close. We’re all unique and we need to focus on that uniqueness. Almost completely. Remember. Anyone can duplicate your gear. No one can be you.

Any time spent wondering what your “competition” is doing is a waste of your time. Every gig is different and the last thing you want to be is a second rate version of someone else. Focus on your strengths and letting people know about those.

If your competition wants to flaunt awards he or she didn’t deserve or certifications that don’t matter, that’s none of your business. Your business is you. If you have dozens of platinum records, tell people about them. If not, focus on what you do have. On what you do best.

Forget about your “competition”. In fact, view them as friends. Or at least peers in your profession. Most of them can be quite helpful if you talk to them and don’t view them as the enemy you may perceive them to be.

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I hope this message finds you well. Kenny Gioia