If You Want To Do Your Best Work - Go Pro!!!!

Kenny's Tip of the Day - If You Want To Do Your Best Work - Go Pro!!!!

There's a lot of talk in our industry about professionals vs amateurs. Having done this for 30+ years, we've had a major shift in the amount of "amateurs" or "novices" that have an interest in this field. Whether it's being a Producer, Engineer or Mixer.

The interest has exploded and the professionals are severely become a minority in the overall community. Which is NOT a bad thing.

But to my main point. If you seriously want to be great at this and do great work. Go Pro. Or become a professional.

Now I don't mean you have to quit your day job if that's what supports you. I mean you should if this is your true passion but you don't have to to Go Pro. What I'm talking about is taking it seriously.

IOW - The professional wakes up each day and goes to "work". The amateur or hobbyist does it when he or she wants to. Or feels like it. Which is OK but it won't make you great. Greatness comes from creating even when you don't feel like it.

Do athletes wake up at 3am and work out for hours upon hours because they feel like it?

Also, the professional doesn't take each piece of work as "precious". As soon as the pro finishes a piece or a song, he or she moves on to the next one. They want success but it doesn't need to come from this one project.

What this does is prepare the mind for failure. The most successful people in any field have failed multiple times. And if you treat each piece of your work with an ego, it will be crushed by tiny failures. So by constantly working at it, each piece becomes a stepping stone towards the overall goal.

In other words, the mix you just created that you think is amazing might be trash. And you don't want to put all of your hopes and dreams within it. You may even look back and forget about it. And that's fine. It was a stepping stone. A wrung on your ladder. You needed it but you don't need it to be your end goal. It's all a learning process.

A famous songwriter once said that you need to write 100 songs before you write one good one. Lots of truth in that. Take the work seriously but also know that you always have more work to do. Your best song is always the next one.

In my years of working with artists and record labels, a very tiny few ever had success on their first record deal. Think about that. They got signed, made a record and were dropped by the label. Most careers are done after that. But the successful ones know that that was just a bump in the road. They got one record deal and now they know how to get another. And another if they have to.

But none of the success is possible if you don't take it seriously. So you must just treat this work or process like a professional. Do it everyday. Even if you don't want to. Because that's where the real learning happens.

Anyway. I hope this message finds you well. Kenny

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