Get Better!!

Kenny's Tip of the Day - Get Better!!

Are you struggling with creating a career in this business? Whether it be as a Songwriter, an Engineer, a Producer, a Mixer or even as a Mastering Engineer.

The most common thing to do when you feel like you’re NOT where you want to be is to blame others or blame the world for your situation. That the system isn’t fair and that YOU can’t get a fair shot.

Believe me. I’ve been there. We have ALL been there. We have all struggled to pay our rent. Our mortgages. Our bills. I can think of at least a half dozen times where I felt the best approach was to simply quit. Give up. Go get a “real” job. As most people have told us. People who themselves have settled for less and think you should do the same.

Now I’m NOT suggesting that this business is for you. It’s NOT for everyone. But if you think it is for you, you might need to change your thinking. Because it’s NOT your peers that are against you. They barely think about you. It’s NOT the world either. The world also doesn’t concern itself with you and your problems.

The only one who can fix this is you. And the only way you can fix it is to be honest with yourself. Are you really good at this skill? Everyone thinks they are. But are you really? Because if not, only you can fix it. Buckle down and Get Better.  

Now by saying “Get Better” I don’t just mean about your intended skill. Although that should be the first place you look. Are your songs good enough? Your tracks? Your mixes? Are you doing First Class work?

If not. Get Better. Study. Learn. Practice. You need to acquire the skill before you can even think of arguing that the system is unfair to you.

If you’re not good or great at your chosen skill, it is 100% “fair” that people aren’t looking to work with you. Be honest. Be honest with yourself.

And if you feel that your skills are there, that’s only one part of the battle. Another part is having the ability to put yourself out there so that the people that require your skill, know who you are and that you are available to work with them.

If you don’t have this skill. Stop. Realize this and get better. And if you don’t want to learn this part. Or you think that you can’t. Find someone who is good at this and partner up with them. Surely there is someone who can talk to anyone who can’t write, produce or mix like you can. So they need you as well. Find that person or be that person. You have no other choice. You can’t be successful if you’re the only one who knows how good you are.

The final piece is, of course, Luck. Although, to be honest, I don’t believe in luck all that much. I think you make your own luck. I believe situations show up all the time but if we don’t see them or have the skills to take advantage of them, they go away. That’s NOT bad luck. That’s you not being prepared when “luck” came knocking at your door.

But to stay on track. Evaluate yourself honestly at this point. Are you where you want to be? Do you have more to learn? We all do. But you need to get better all the time. And you also need to realize that we all struggled before success came along. That’s why success is such a great thing. Because it is earned. It’s hard. And it sucks before we get there. Just know that we were all there at one time. But we were honest and we put in the work. We got better and we were eventually rewarded for it.

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I hope this message finds you well. Kenny Gioia