Focus On What Matters!!!

Kenny's Tip of the Day - Focus On What Matters!!!

This is a really big one. As engineers, we tend to lose focus on what matters and get lost on details that "might" matter in the long run. But "definitely" distract us in the short run.

In other words, if you have a singer in the booth and he or she is raring to go record this great chorus you just wrote. Record the damn thing. Don't worry about sub-harmonic frequencies that only show up on a scope. Or whether or not this song should have been recorded at 96kHz instead 44.1kHz.

Who cares? The listener? The singer sitting in the booth? Or is it just you and the voices in your head from reading endless posts, blogs and video tutorials on the "right" way to record?

I'm not suggesting that you throw away the rules. Of course they matter. But what matters more? What should you be focusing on right now? In this moment?

Every decision you "choose" to focus on takes you away from focusing on others. Attention to detail is not infinite.

So, why did you buy all of this great recording gear? I'm guessing that it was to record some great music. To move people. To create something of meaning. And that something was never meant to be a perfect "capture" of something less than spectacular.

I can write for days about the less than stellar recording environment great hits were recorded in. The wrong mics. The mistakes that turned out to be just fine for what was needed. Hits, for the most part, are almost never recorded in the preferred way. Someone decides to do it anyway.

Yes. Just like you I set up a dozen mics on one singer to find the perfect one for them. But when time was a factor and I had the President of the label sitting behind me while his Star just walked in to sing for him, I grabbed just one.

Didn't matter which one. I made it work. I had to. And if the performance was as great as it needed to be (and it was) I made the best of that quick decision I was forced to make.

Because I never… lost Focus… on what Mattered.

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I hope this message finds you well. Kenny Gioia