You’re NOT Judged By The Quality of Your Excuses, But by the Quantity of Them!!!!

You’re NOT Judged By The Quality of Your Excuses, But by the Quantity of Them!!!!

How many times has someone shown up late to a session and it didn’t bother you at all? Maybe they’re a bit late turning in a Mix or a Mastering project? It happens. And it rarely matters when it happens…rarely.

But what about those times when it doesn’t happen rarely? When it happens so often, that you start expecting it? In fact, you might even stop working with this other person because deadlines and promises kept, are just too rare an occurrence?

And to back it up a bit. When it is rare, do you really care about the excuse? It could be a car accident, a health emergency or simply that they messed up and simply forgot. It happens sometimes and when it’s a seldom event, you don’t really care. Do you?

But when it happens all too frequently, you stop caring about “why”. Because in the end, “why” doesn’t matter. It’s the “who” that matters. Who can you trust to get things done.

And I say this, because I want to remind you NOT to be that person. If you’re constantly making excuses for being late with projects or showing up to meetings, nobody cares about the excuses you come up with. Save your creativity. Each one will ring more hollow than the last.

I’ll end this with a quick story. I had a young kid who used to work in my B production room. I was grooming him to do productions under my production company. He was quite talented in an area that I wasn’t.

After a month or two, he had failed to show up to about 5 or 6 scheduled sessions and this last one was a big one. A project that I didn’t write and couldn’t really get going without him. So I sent the artist and the label home while he was still driving around looking for a place to park.

When he finally showed up (about 8 hours late - seriously) he had an amazing story of being robbed, family members being shot and killed and about 6 other unbelievable sub-plots.

And I stopped him about half way thru this creative storytelling (and this kid was creative) and I told him “Look. You’re either a compulsive liar or you’re the most unlucky person I know. And I don’t really want to continue doing business with either of those people”.

Don’t be that person that needs to use your creativity to make up excuses. Nobody really cares. This is a business full of selfish people with big egos and the only thing they focus on is your ability to deliver. Not your ability to explain why you can’t.

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I hope this message finds you well. Kenny Gioia