Dream Bigger!!!!

Kenny’s Tip of the Day - Dream Bigger

Most of us are taught to be humble. To be modest. To not expect to receive more than your fair share. And while there is a certain amount of nobility in this idea, it doesn’t really serve you if your goal is to be truly successful.

Let me give you an example. Imagine that your goal was to start a Music Production business in your town. Recording local acts, maybe at your house or in your garage that you turned into a studio one weekend with a few of your buddies who work in construction.

Your goal was to make a little extra money on the side, running this business, so you can afford to pay for a few extra things in your life that you don’t really need but you really want. Maybe buy that guitar you’ve been checking out for the last few years. Or maybe just to have some left over beer money so you can go drinking with those friends after a hard working week.

You’re not looking to quit your regular job. You need that to pay the bills. But it would be kinda fun to make some music here and there and make some extra money doing it.

Well…that’s a goal. Probably not a very difficult one but it is a goal and you will find satisfaction in achieving it. Especially since you love recording and producing anyway.

But here’s the problem… If you do achieve this modest goal, that’s probably going to be the finish line. Mission Accomplished. Job well done.

What I would suggest instead is to Dream Bigger. What do you REALLY want? Are you happy having this studio in your garage or do you want to build out some commercial space and have a world class studio?

Do you really want to do this part time or do you want to quit your day to day job and take this on as a full on career? Your life’s mission?

Do you want to record local talent or do you want to record Top artists from all over the world?

Of course, this all sounds great. Who wouldn’t want to be the Biggest Record Producer or Artist of all time? Right?

Coming back down to earth. I’m not suggesting that everyone reading this is going to accomplish these goals. Of course not. But what I am saying is that putting a ceiling on what you want to accomplish will limit you to only achieving what fits into the room below that ceiling. Very rarely do we exceed our goals. Most times we’re happy if we just get close.

And that’s my point. Reach for the moon. You might not get there but you will get much further than you ever thought was possible. You might just get a really nice recording space downtown but you’re paying those bills, recording better and better clients and making a decent living doing it. You might start your own label and get a few of those artist signed to a major which then funds some other projects you’re really passionate about. They might not all succeed but your efforts will be successful and meaningful. You’re successful even if you don’t reach the goal you set out for because you’re always getting closer to it.

Remember this. The biggest difference between you and the person that has achieved everything that they wanted is that they thought they could. They believed it was possible. They enjoy the journey but don’t see a ceiling. There is none.

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I hope this message serves you well. Kenny Gioia