Don’t Assume People Can’t Hear The Difference!!!

Kenny's Tip of the Day - Don’t Assume People Can’t Hear The Difference!!!

One of the more common arguments I see on audio forums and in audio groups is this idea that “the audience can’t hear the difference”. Or that they’re listening to an mp3 on earbuds and that everything you’re doing won’t ever be appreciated or matter anyway.

I disagree with these concepts quite strongly. Take a look at your heroes. The people most successful in their industry. The masters of their craft. Do they cut corners? Do they assume the audience won’t notice or know the difference? I think you’ll find that that’s simply not the case.

The best people in any industry (and especially in the arts) are meticulous. They are perfectionists. When you start assuming that your audience can’t hear things or won’t notice shortcuts, you’re missing the plot. You’re cheating them, yourself and this profession.

We have no idea what people can really see or hear. Look at any great film. Every aspect of those shots were taken into consideration. The framing, the lighting, the camera and lenses choices. Right down to the color of the fabric on the couch barely in the shot. It was all considered and chosen. Even if they thought the audience wouldn’t notice. Because they did. And it affects who and what they are.

People do notice. It may not be obvious at first. But it’s there. Even if it’s just subconscious. Compare a great film with a low budget indie one. It’s pretty obvious which one is which. And this isn’t always a bad thing but it’s only a good thing when it’s a choice. If you were going for iconic film and got midnight horror flick, you failed.

And this all obviously applies to music as well. Every choice you make, matters. If you’re going for lo-fi, that’s a choice. Go for it. Make it the most accurate lo-fi you can imagine. But if you’re just being lazy and thinking the audience won’t notice that you gave 10% to this production or mix, don’t be surprised when it’s not well received.

People CAN hear things without knowing why or why not they like it. And cutting corners is not something you want to share with them.

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I hope this message finds you well. Kenny Gioia