Kenny's Tip of the Day - Debate vs Discussion!!

Kenny's Tip of the Day - Debate vs Discussion!!

I bring this topic up because there’s a few people I know that seem to thrive on “debate” when it comes to pro audio. And I will admit, just like most of them, I enjoy the debate very much. I love discussing things that I am passionate about and I am certainly passionate about music and how to work with and manipulate it.

When people are professionals in a field, a spirited debate is a great way to learn. Both as a student, and as the person teaching or educating. It forces everyone to re-examine and fight for their beliefs. Passionately and sometimes even aggressively.

This is all a very good thing but we need to never lose sight of the fact that we’re all still learning. Or we certainly should be. Even if you think you’re an expert, you still have more to learn.

The scientific method is defined by the idea that you must try to prove your own theories wrong. Without prejudice. If you have an agenda, it’s NOT the scientific method. You must exhaust every single reason you could possibly be wrong, before you conclude that you’re right.

This is something where “debates” get in the way. Knowledge is like a bunch of fence posts with the slats in between being our beliefs. Those beliefs tie or glue your whole system together which is why people fight to the death to hold strongly onto those beliefs.

Further knowledge can always be had in those spaces or gaps and we must always believe that there’s more to learn on any given subject. Otherwise, we’re not a part of the system. We think we’re in charge of it.

When your agenda is to be “right” you will focus too heavily on seeing that agenda fulfilled. And that’s just not the best way to move forward. Our goals should always be to learn more. Fight for your beliefs but always be willing to be wrong. At least partially.

Which is why I suggest that “discussion” should be the answer to all problem solving. Not “debate”. Debates have winners and losers and that’s no path towards greater knowledge or enlightenment.

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I hope this message finds you well. Kenny Gioia