Create a Drum CRUSH Buss!!!

Kenny's Tip of the Day - Create a Drum CRUSH Buss!!!

This is one of the simplest ways of making your drums pump. Crush them.

So take all of your drum tracks and send them to a buss. Keep your drums playing where they are as well. I usually send this bus POST Fader but you can do PRE Fader if you want to mix it differently.

Now CRUSH this Buss. Find your best compressor that really pumps in and out to the beat of the music. Fast Attack and Release but adjust this to pump correctly.

Check out the Intro of "Song 2" by Blur to get an idea of what the effect should sound like. Although I usually make it more intense.

Now Mix or Blend this back in with the original drums. If it's done correctly, you shouldn't need that much of it. But you almost certainly will always want a bit of it and on certain sections you might want to use more of it or even just use it alone for a break or a break down section.

Happy Mixing

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Kenny Gioia