Compete with a Lesser Version of Yourself!!!!

Kenny’s Tip of the Day - Compete with a Lesser Version of Yourself!!!!

Let me be clear. I am a big fan of having idols to look up to. I have had many myself. But it’s also very important to realize that you’re not those people. And that’s OK.

As a mixer, you probably like the work of CLA or Serban (I’m partial to TLA) or as a producer you love the work of a Max Martin or Rick Rubin. It’s completely normal to have these people in your life to look up to. Shoot for the stars is a message I often use. Somebody has to be the best. Why not you?

But for this discussion, I’d like you to put that aside and realize the pitfalls of that thinking.

First of all, you don’t have their background. They might be older, more experienced and they definitely have had different experiences from you. You can’t beat yourself up for not recreating their success at this point in your career. And expecting that will lead you down the destructive path of envy and eventually depression. Certainly not something I want to inspire.

More importantly, that shouldn’t be your short term goal. Those are great long term goals but the only way to achieve those is to have a short term plan. And that’s what I want to talk about today.

What can you achieve today? This week? This month? Or this next project that you work on?

You can be better. Better than the guy (or girl) who worked on the last project you just finished. He (or she) is your real world competition. It’s achievable, inspiring and there’s no excuse not to be able to beat that person. This lesser version of yourself.

That guy (or girl) was yesterday. You’ve improved and that should be your target.

Being happy with where you are is a good thing but you also don’t want to be complacent. True growth only comes from improvement and everyone reading this post can improve in some small way today.

So take a look at that guy (or girl) and realize that he (or she) did a pretty good job yesterday, but today, you’re going to beat him (or her).

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Enjoy your weekend. Kenny Gioia.