Charge by the Project. Not by the hour.

Kenny's Tip of the Day - Charge by the Project. Not by the hour.

This won't work if you're hired to engineer or you're letting someone else use your studio and you're NOT in charge of the project. So we can put that aside. But if you're the producer or the mixer and are hired to run the show, charge by the project. Not by the hour.

This does a few things. It puts you in charge of getting things done and moving things along but it also puts the artist at ease. Nobody wants to look at the clock. And when you go over budget (which you always will) the artist or band isn't going to hate you for charging them for every minute of the process. Or for that 15 minute story you told that they're now paying for.

They will consider you to be working against them as the more time it takes, the more money you make. Or the money you're taking from them. Take that off the table. Get your flat fee and then you never have to talk money again. The accounting is done and the only thing that matters is making music.

At this point, I will refer you to my previous post where I tell you to charge MORE. This way you're not getting screwed when it takes longer than planned. But I promise you, your artists will LOVE you for it. They will hate you on day one when they have to pay but love you every step of the way going forward.

And because every project does go over, you look like a hero working for free at the end. Except, you already planned for that. Didn't you?

Successful people get paid for what they create. Not for how long it took them to create it.

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I hope this message finds you well. - Kenny