Ableton Live 10 Tips & Tricks  - Multiplier - Interview

Ableton Live 10 Tips & Tricks  - Multiplier - Interview

Hey guys. In this episode I’d like to introduce you to the great Multiplier. Another one of our great authors over at

Currently most known for his Youtube channel with 60k subscribers, Multiplier (real name Adam Pollard) started producing after seeing a Skrillex show, back in 2010, when dubstep started to gain popularity. The focus then was releasing music and DJing, which he did for a few years, featuring and charting on Beatport and Trackitdown, alongside a string of international DJ bookings. Multiplier then pivoted into the sound design and tutorial space, producing chart topping sample packs for the biggest labels (Loopmasters, Splice, Industrial Strength, CAPSUN ProAudio, 5Pin Media) and tutorial courses for Groove3.

I interviewed him for this article about his newest title "Ableton Live 10 Tips & Tricks" which is available at right now.

Ableton Live 10 Tips & Tricks was just released. Can you explain what our users can expect to learn in this series?

Tips, tricks, workflows, and ideas. On the one hand, there are techniques to work faster, allowing you to stay in that creative flow, and capture that spark of an idea you had (shortcuts, defaults, arrangement tricks, etc..). And on the other, techniques to inspire new ideas, and get you writing and creating music you couldn't have, or didn't think about making before (such as Scale MIDI channel, envelope following frequency shifters, or combing Arpeggiator and a drum rack trick). 

Who is this course aimed at?

Anyone and everyone who uses Ableton. Whether you perform live (pun intended), write tracks, new to Ableton, or experienced, I guarantee there are things in here you haven't seen before. The course assumes you've spent at least a few hours using the software already, and are familiar the basic concepts of loading an instrument, adding effects, etc.. but it doesn't require any advanced knowledge. More advanced features (such as instrument and audio effect racks) are explained in each relevant tutorial.

Do you have any favorite ideas in the course, that even an experienced Ableton user might not have seen before?

'Sidechain Drum to Crackle' is a good one! You can use it to give your drums a subtly evolving 'character' top layer - by coming sidechain gating, and a long vinyl or foley sample. 'Envelope Followers' is fun too - an interesting application of the envelope follower concept, in my example, by combing with a frequency shifter, to get synth/pad layer changing sonically in time and in proportion with a drum loop.

And finally, any favorite features new to Live 10?

As far as big, headline features go, the Wavetable instrument is huge deal, as means you can finally make modern synth and bass sounds, without having to use a plugin like Serum or Massive. You could just about to it with built in instruments and effects beforehand, but it was much more difficult than it needed to be, as creating modern wavetable type modulation with FM, samples, and effects requires much more work (and much more skill!). Multiple MIDI clip editing is a big improvement for lots of people too, especially in melodic genres with lots of synth and bass layers. But for me, it's all the small updates and fixes that really make the jump from Live 9 to Live 10 so significant. Minor details such as: saving now doesn't delete your undo history, samples dragged into Simpler don't ever 'warp', and automation can now snap to the grid. The big changes (such as the new look) sell the software, but the hundreds and hundreds of small improvements are what makes your life as as producer, much easier.

Thanks Adam. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to let us know about all these great new things in "Ableton Live 10 Tips & Tricks".

Once again, you can get your own copy of "Ableton Live 10 Tips & Tricks"over at right now.


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