Stop Looking for a “Great” Hammer!!!

Kenny's Tip of the Day -  Stop Looking for a “Great” Hammer!!!

Yes. We all do it. We’re all looking for that perfect tool that will bring our productions, our mixes, even our masters to the next level. It’s normal. Almost necessary. But only almost.

Searching for better tools can be a waste of time if time is an important asset in your arsenal. And it is. Or at least it should be. Time is money but it’s also focus. Wasting time is a great way to lose focus on the job at hand as it’s easy to go down that rabbit hole of finding the perfect hammer for the job as opposed to adapting to your current nail hitters to get the job done.

Let me give you an example. Imagine that you couldn’t afford a hammer to bang in those nails. So you were forced to use rocks. Many different rocks that make up your collection or pallette of nail hitters that you use for your construction projects.

Sure. You could spend many hours, days, weeks or even years looking for a great hammer that you can afford. Or maybe figure out ways to take out a loan to get that brand new shiny nail pounder. But… you could be spending that time being the best damn rock smacker the world has ever seen.

Adapting to inferior tools is a skill in and of itself. And if you don’t have the resources, or the time to keep searching for the best damn hammer, you’d be using your time wisely to actually get work done with these inferior tools.

In fact, your goal should be to be the best damn engineer, producer, mixer or mastering engineer using tools (rocks) that no one else can figure out. Or waste their time with.

Who cares what other people use? Who cares if your “peers” think your tools are not as professional as theirs? The only thing that matters is being skilled in your chosen field. And that only happens when you put in the time working on actual projects. Not searching for newer and shiner tools.

So, get to work with what you have in front of you. Bang in those nails with your palette of rocks and surprise yourself with how adaptable you are to your current situation.

Be the indian who stops worrying about his or her arrows and nails target after target regardless.

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Enjoy your weekend. Kenny Gioia.